This document describes how to write the contents of your TeamAgenda Contacts and Calendars to the Address Book and iCal on your Mac.  After this step you are able to synchronize the content with your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPod and other PDAs.

Please note that this is a two way synchronization process.  All changes made on your PDA or Address Book or iCal will be transfer on the next synchronization.

This synchronization process is for reading, creating and updating the contents of your Address Book and Calendaring events on your Address Book and iCal on your Mac and on your PDA. 

We recommend doing a backup of your Mac OS X Address Book and iCal before using this software.

How to do a backup of your Address Book ?

Start Address Book, go to File and select export. Select Address Book Archive.  Choose the file name and folder and select Save.

How to do a backup of your calendaring data in iCal ?

Select the calendar that you want to export. Start iCal, go to File and select export.  Choose the file name and folder and select Export.  You have to do these steps for all calendars.


Mac OS X 10.5.8 (or newer) Intel computer only

TeamAgenda Server Version 5.1.0

TeamAgenda Version 5.1.0

WebAgenda Version 5.1.0


Available in English, French, German, Swedish


Get TA-Sync from the customer download section at the following URL:

Extract (unzip) the package and copy it in your favorite application folder like


Synchronizing with iCal and Address Book

Start TA-Sync and go into the Preferences menu

Enter your username, password and the name/IP of the server including the path to the WebAgenda service. The default path is “/calendar”. Here is an example: “MyServerNameOrIP/calendar”

Press the test button to validate your connection. If the test is successful, save your configuration. You can use the reset button to erase your configuration parameters and go back to default values.

Press the Sync button to synchronize your TeamAgenda data with iCal and Address Book.

All calendars from TeamAgenda on iCal will have have the following name: “Category Name”.   Events from the previous month, the current month and the next month will be synchronize.

A group will be created in your Address Book.  The name of the group is “Lastname Firstname  (TA)”.  The group contains all your TeamAgenda contacts.

You are now ready to synchronize the contents of your Address Book and calendaring events in iCal with your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPod and other PDA.

How to synchronize with your PDA ?

We suggest the following for synchronizing your PDAs:

iPhone/iPod Touch/iPod : Use iTunes Version 9

BlackBerry : Use Missing Sync for BlackBerry

Pocket PC with Windows Mobile : Use The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile

Palm PRE : Use The Missing Sync for Palm PRE

Palm Devices : Use The Missing Sync for Palm OS

Others devices : Click Here!

Software from Missing Sync are available Here!


The software has not been tested on previous version of Mac OS X.  On previous Mac OS X release, it may work well but it is not supported.

For an username, all spaces must be replace by %20.  The username “Lastname Firstname” become “Lastname%20Firstname”.


Send enhancement request to

Send request for support to

Releases Notes

Version 2.0.0

New release with two ways synchronization.

Do not Create/Modify/Delete calendar on iCal.  Create/Modify Category on TeamAgenda instead and do a sync.

Commitments/ToDo/Contacts that are deleted from TeamAgenda will still be in iCal/Address Book. Delete them from iCal/Address Book instead.

Do not do recursive events in iCal.  Create them on TeamAgenda instead and do a sync.

Group and Resource are not synchronize in Address Book.

Version 1.0.1

ToDo are now available for synchronization.

You can select what you want to synchronize.

Version 1.0.0

First beta release

TA-Sync for synchronizing your Calendar and Contact with

Apple iCal & Address Book,

iPhone/iPod Touch/iPod, Blackberry, Pocket PC & Palm PRE