Free WebAgenda lets you schedule the important things in your life, and share the schedules with people that are important to you.

Things your can do easily with TeamAgenda:

  1. 1)Keep track of your social club dates (when you are meeting, important events, fund raising events etc.)

  2. 2)Keep track of your sports club schedules (soccer, baseball, basketball, football, hockey, practice sessions, important games etc.)

  3. 3)Keep track of your church activities

  4. 4)Keep track of your favorite artist

  5. 5)Keep track of your wrestler

  6. 6)Keep track of your favorite movie stars, politicians etc.

  7. 7)Share your diabetes, or other medical statistics,  with your doctor. Update your calendar with your daily figures and have your doctor access the information.

And more!

WebAgenda is meant for you to share the schedule you are keeping with others, however, you control the visibility of your agenda by using the OPTIONS and controlling Access Rights. You can control the Access Level of your Agenda  to allow other people: No Access to your agenda,  See your agenda,  Make proposals for activities, Add to your agenda, Modify your agenda, Act on your behalf.


You can also control the Visibility of your agenda to others by showing No details, as well as allowing others to see your agenda.


You have an Address Book where you can see other users, and see the Agendas they have created.


You can also create and To-do activities for yourself and other WebAgenda users!


You can share your agenda with people you know by telling them the name of your Agenda. All they need to do  is login to WebAgenda, go to the Address Book,  select Search and search for the name or sum part of the name, or look at all the agendas. Then simply select the agenda you want!

Access all this information using iTeamAgenda for your iPhone or iPod Touch. Search for iTeamAgenda on your iPhone/iPod Touch’ App store, or Apple’ iTunes store.

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