Health Applications From Teamsoft

Health Applications from Teamsoft

We have created a number of Health Tracking packages that you may find useful.

TeamAgenda is our off-the-shelf group scheduler and organizer that allows you to share important information with your coworkers.

TeamAgenda can be used via a Web Browser, on an iPhone, or using our traditional PC or Mac software .

TeamAgenda can also be easily used to track and  share medical information with your clinic personnel.

Many of the health tracking packages  are built around our Free WebAgenda accounts, and can be accessed by a web browser, our iPhone applications , as well as our normal PC and Mac software.

Typical Scenario using Free WebAgenda and iTeamAgenda applications for the iPhone

Paul has been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. 

He is working with a team of health specialists (nurses, doctors and nutritionists) at the local medical clinic.

Paul and each member of the health team have registered for a Free WebAgenda account, and Paul made sure that each member has access to his data by setting his preferences accordingly.

As the name implies, it does not cost anything to have an account on Free WebAgenda and it can be accessed by any web browser.

Paul is the owner of an iPhone, and he uses iTeamAgenda Diabetes for the iPhone,  to keep track of his Blood Glucose readings.

Paul can save his Glucose readings on his iPhone, as well as specify to save them on the server, using his Free WebAgenda account.

He tracks whether each reading is for  meals, exercise, medication etc.

He can  also use iTeamAgenda Personal for the iPhone to update and add events directly on his Free WebAgenda account, such as medical appointments, or other meetings related to his Diabetes .

Paul’s medical team uses web browsers and   Free WebAgenda to access Paul’s results.

With iTeamAgenda PRO, each health specialist has access to the results of Paul (and also to other patients) on their iPhones as well as to their own calendars.  They can set up meetings with Paul, book the examining rooms, equipment, tests, etc.

If one of the blood glucose readings is worrisome, Paul can use iTeamAgenda Diabetes to save the result and to notify the nurse

Next time Paul will meet his team of health specialists, he can use the Health Reports web applications to get a summary of all his results (see below). 

He can send this summary by email to his health team. 

He can also print it and bring the report on his next medical appointment. 

He can also import the report in Google Health5 and make it available to his team of health specialists.

Google Health

Google Health is a free service from Google, that lets you:

Organize your health information all in one place

Gather your medical records from doctors, hospitals, and pharmacies

Share your information securely with a family member, doctors or caregivers,

You can also use Google Health to keep track of your Health results. 

You just have to save your health reports and to import the file in Google Health. 

The results will be available to persons who have access to your Health records.

TeamAgenda can integrate with your Google Health account.

Note: Google Health is available at

Free WebAgenda Account

In order to track you health information, you need a Free WebAgenda account. 

This account will allow you to take note of your health results like weight, blood pressure, blood glucose and number of hours of sleep. 

This account will be your log book.

If you want to share your logbook with the team of health specialists that is taking care of you, each member of the team needs a Free WebAgenda account. 

You need to give read access to you logbook in order to have the members of health team to see your results.

To get a free WebAgenda account, please go the following link :

The server name for the Free WebAgenda service is : .

iTeamAgenda Applications

ITeamsoft has developed a set of iPhone applications to help you keep track of your health results. All these applications are available from Apple iTunes, or the Apple iPhone App store, just search for Teamsoft or iTeamAgenda.

All these applications run  on the Apple iPhone or the Apple Touch (there will be similar applications that run on Apple’s iPad and also use TeamAgenda data.)

These applications are:

iTeamAgenda Weight : Keep track of your weight in kg or pounds.

iTeamAgenda Diabetes : Keep track of your blood glucose level.

iTeamAgenda Blood Pressure : Keep track of your blood pressure.

iTeamAgenda Sleep Tracker : Keep track of the number of hours of sleep per day.

iTeamAgenda Health : Keep track of your weight, blood glucose and blood pressure.

The applications allow you to save your health results on your iPhone/iPod Touch and also in your Free WebAgenda account (logbook). 

You can also notify someone like your doctor or nurse when you add new results in your logbook.  The person being notified can then take a look at the results and contact you to discuss them. 

In addition, Teamsoft provides general TeamAgenda manipulation applications for the iPhone like the iTeamAgenda, as well as regular TeamAgenda applications for your PC or Mac available from .

Health Reports

This is a web application from Teamsoft available at

This application allows you to get your health result from you logbook and to download them in a file on your desktop computer. 

You can keep the file in a Health folder in your computer or you can print it and give it to your health team. 

You can also attach the file to an email and send that email to your health team members.