Synchronization FAQ and documentation.

The two-way synchronization function in TeamAgenda for handheld devices is NO LONGER SUPPORTED due to certain problems encountered depending on the handheld used. We strongly recommend users to investigate other options available such as WebAgenda, iTeamAgenda Pro, iTeamAgenda and TASync.

However, for those wishing to use the function in TeamAgenda, hold the “Alt” key for Windows and “Option” key for Mac down while opening the File menu and then select the Synchronize option. It should be noted that this version may duplicate certain commitments or cause other anomalies depending on the handheld device used.

Synchro documentation:
  • Synchronize TeamAgenda with Outlook
  • Synchronize TeamAgenda with iSync
  • Avoiding doubles in Outlook synchronization
  • Synchronize TeamAgenda with Outlook. Additional information.
  • Additional synchronization parameters.

  • Synchronization FAQ
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